Streaming: Don’t Miss A Thing!

Cut The Cable Cord

Streaming TVI admit I have been somewhat of a TV addict, but lately the cost of watching a few shows that I absolutely love is no longer something I am willing to pay for. Instead we have switched to streaming.  By streaming our entertainment through the internet and on to our TV we were able to cut the cable cord and not miss a thing!

  1. iTunes – Allows you to pay-per-show. This is cheaper than paying a cable bill every month, but only if there are a couple of series you just can’t live without and can’t wait to come out on Hulu Plus, Netflix or Amazon Prime.

    Interested in taking the leap? Check out these streaming services!

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Why We Are Cutting The Cable Cord!

cutting the cable cord

cutting the cable cordAfter the world of television went digital in June of 2009 you had no choice but to pay for cable or get an antenna to watch your favorite programs or any programs for that matter. Our family, like thousands of others were already hooked on cable or satellite so payed no attention to the up coming changes. In fact, we wondered why anyone in their right minds would still not have cable in the home! Not only had we drunk the kool-aid but loved the flavor and asked for more. Continue reading “Why We Are Cutting The Cable Cord!”

Two Kids And A Pile Of Debt

Two Kids And A Pile Of Debt

Pile Of DebtI met my husband, the love of my life, in 1985, I was six and he was eleven.  For the next few years my younger brothers and I spent many happy days playing under the watchful eyes of the woman who would one day be my mother-in-law.

Twenty years later my husband and I reconnected (thanks to our parents) and went on our first date, we have been inseparable ever since!  Two short years later we were married and $39,000 in debt.  We spent the first two years of our marriage going out of eat, and to the movies almost every weekend.  In general we were just enjoying life and enjoying being married.  As long as a check didn’t bounce, and they never did, personal finance remained at the bottom of our priority list. Continue reading “Two Kids And A Pile Of Debt”

Financial Independence Day!

Financial Freedom, Financial Independence Day

It’s IndependenceFinancial Freedom Exit Sign Day!  Today as we celebrate the 238th day of independence I felt that it would be the perfect time to start our families journey to financial independence from $28, 944.67 of consumer debt and student loans.

Our goal is to pay off everything we owe excluding the house in the next five years!  That is a yearly goal of $5,750 in debt reduction.  I know that at least in the beginning it will be a challenge and it will require a lot of dedication for our entire family.  However, the feeling of being totally and completely free of debt will be worth every sacrifice. Continue reading “Financial Independence Day!”