Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Traditions

Thanksgiving is the day we set aside to count our blessings, and enjoy spending time with our families.   One of the many things I love about the Thanksgiving holiday is all of the wonderful traditions.  Unfortunately, most of them focus only on the adults. Creating kid friendly Thanksgiving traditions will help involve all the members of your family in the holiday festivities.  These pint sized traditions will also help your little ones gain a better understanding of what the season is all about, and create many memories along the way.

Five Kid Friendly Thanksgiving Traditions

Include Kids In The Preparation.  A lot of the Thanksgiving Day activities happen in the kitchen, and kids are often quickly shooed out before they have a chance to get in the way.  As a busy Mom I have been guilty of doing this on more than one holiday.  However, getting your little ones involved in the preparation is a  great way to create happy Thanksgiving memories. Give your older children the responsibility of mixing ingredients for a favorite family dish, while toddlers can be kept busy coloring place mats for the dinner table.  By including your children you are able to spend more time together.  It also gives you an opportunity to share with them the special meaning behind this holiday.

Create A Thanksgiving Craft.  Making a Thanksgiving craft goes beyond just naming something everyone is thankful for.  A special craft can be enjoyed all season long.  Try creating a blessings tree where each leaf lists something you are thankful for or turn your tree into a fall wreath instead.  Let it hold all of the small blessings your family shares.

You can easily turn a Thanksgiving Craft into an annual project.  Create something that can grow with your family such as a table runner that has their handprints painted on it each year.  You could take it a step farther and list one thing they are thankful for next to it.  This will give you a chance to look back over the years as your children have grown and reminisce over how they have changed.

Take A New Family Photo.  Here in Michigan the fall is a beautiful time of year with the changing colors of the leaves creating a natural backdrop.  Last year we had outdoor family photos taken at a local park and they turned out gorgeous!  This is a great time to have new photos taken and they can even be turned into your holiday cards.

Volunteer To Help The Needy. It can be very hard for youngsters to understand what it is to truly be thankful for the things you have, when you don’t know what it’s like to be a person in need.  You can spend some time as a family volunteering at a local  soup kitchen, or other charity organization.  Our church has a food panty that is open to the public once a month.  We often donate food and our time to it.  Look around your community and see where you can help.

Learn The Thanksgiving Story.  Talk about why we celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday, and that it is more than just eating turkey and pumpkin pie.  The men and women of the Mayflower struggled to start the colony at Plymouth and their hard work and sacrifice shouldn’t be forgotten.  Once your children know  the story they may have fun acting it out for your family on Thanksgiving Day.

What are some of your favorite kid friendly Thanksgiving traditions?  I always enjoy hearing about how other families spend the holidays.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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