How To Make Your Own Turkey Apple Treats

Everywhere you look it seems like Christmas is on display.  Retailers are in a hurry to get people in the mood to shop for Christmas.  However, unlike those who jump from Halloween to Christmas I enjoy celebrating each holiday as they come along.  Thanksgiving is such a wonderful, although often overlooked holiday.  This special holiday focuses on family, gratitude, and of course lots of yummy food!

Last weekend the boys and I had so much fun making our very own turkey apple treats.  KC redecorated his turkey several times rearranging the color pattern of his feathers (aka the Fruit Loops) before he decided it was good enough to eat.  AJ being a little younger needed a tad bit more help with his turkey, that however was mostly to keep him from eating all the ingredients before we completed the craft.  The kids weren’t the only ones having fun making these turkey apples.  Heith and I made a few great memories as we helped the boys along the way.

Apple Turkey Craft

Turkey apple treats a fun & easy edible craft that your toddler and preschoolers will love doing. They also make great last minute Thanksgiving table decor! www.TwoKidsAndABudget.comThese healthy, tasty, treats are very easy to make and will keep your little one busy while you make your amazing Thanksgiving feast!

Supplies needed your Turkey Apple Treat:

One large whole apple for each child.  Any variety washed and dried.

Several toothpicks


Raisins or Craisins

Fruit Loops


Anything else you would like to decorate your Apple Turkey treat with including candy corn, Cheerios or Goldfish Crackers

Turkey apple treats a fun & easy edible craft that your toddler and preschoolers will love doing. They also make great last minute Thanksgiving table decor!

How To Make Your Apple Turkeys:

Use your toothpicks to make the tail by pushing  of them into the back to the apple, we did five toothpicks on each apple which I think worked out well. Push your ingredients onto the toothpicks.

Make a face by cutting one toothpick in half.  Push each half into your apple then use your mini marshmallows to make the eyes.  To finish the face create a beak and a waddle using your ingredients.

If your apple wants to roll you can easily create feet with two or more toothpicks and then pushing either popcorn or another one of your ingredients onto it.

Over the next couple of  weeks I have a lot of fun ways to help you enjoy this important holiday and it all starts with Turkey Apple Treats!

Gobble, Gobble!  Yum, Yum!

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6 Replies to “How To Make Your Own Turkey Apple Treats”

  1. I agree Thanksgiving is one of the most important holidays, a wonderful opportunity for family to get together. It baffles me how the retail world just pushed it aside.

    Your craft is adorable! Those Turkey apples are so cute, your children did a wonderful job.

    Wishing you and your family a very Happy Thanksgiving.

    1. Thanks Jane! They were so fun to make and the boys had a great time. I agree that it is ashame that such an important holiday is virtually ignored when it gives the opportunities to families to see their loved ones again.

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