Four Tips To Manage Your Holiday Spending

Before the Thanksgiving turkey has even been stuffed the holiday spending season begins.  Over the next two months you will be bombarded day and night with the retailer’s message to buy, buy, buy.  Black Friday and Cyber Monday bring their own sense of urgency to purchase the big items before it’s too late.  The advertisements dazzle you, and your children, with the promise of the joy that one special item will bring.  It is easy to see how people fall head first into the holiday spending trap every year.  And who can resist those fuzzy feelings you get when watching the excitement and joy your loved ones experience when opening one well thought of gift after another.  After all, that’s what the season is all about no matter how much it costs right?  If you’re tired of falling victim to this holiday disaster, it may be time to learn how easy it is to manage your holiday spending.

 Easy Ways To Manage Your Holiday Spending

Budget Your Holiday.  I know no one wants to think about their budget during the Christmas season.  However, it truly is the difference between starting January off on a great note or on a holiday hangover. I promise nothing will steal the joy from those new holiday memories than opening your credit card bill in January and seeing the pile of debt you have collected.

Make A List. Taking a little time to plan ahead can save you hundreds of dollars every year.  Begin by making a list of all of the family members, friends, and neighbors you would like to give gifts to, and one or two gift ideas for each one.  Remember, Santa makes a list, and you should too.

Shop The Sales. Search the sales flyers, and check out the Amazon deals based on the gift list you have created.  I have started doing more and more of my Christmas shopping online, not only do I get to avoid the crowds, but I can compare prices on multiple sites at the same time.  Finding the best deal has become a holiday game for me.  Remember to stick to your budget.  If the item is too expensive look for an alternative, or simply don’t buy it.   No gift is worth going over your holiday budget.

The Gift Of Experience. Looking back over Christmas’s past, what do you remember most?  I bet it isn’t any gift in particular, but instead the time you spent with those you love.  Instead of spending money to make this time of year special, why not spend a little extra time with your loved ones.  Bake cookies with Grandma, build a snowman, go sledding, or make paper snowflakes with the kids.  Go to your local tree lighting ceremony, take in a free community concert, host a game night with your extended family, or go caroling with your local church. These are all wonderful ways to make many happy and lasting holiday memories without spending a lot of money.

Increase Your Income. If you need extra cash and you’re willing to work for it, there are lots of opportunities for a part time job during the holidays. Businesses need lots of extra help this time of year and often advertise for it.

Managing your holiday spending habits is easier than you think and the holidays will be a lot more joyful without if we’re not weighed down by debt when their over.  Follow these simple steps to keep the joy alive all season long!

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